Blog AB1934, AB1810, AB2358 – FAIL! AB1934 – Would have banned unloaded open carry (UOC) in California.  This bill was a response to the UOC movement in California which has become a way for firearm advocates to display their discontent with firearm laws in California. AB1810 – Would have put in place a system for long gun registration.  The system would have been similar to the handgun registration already required for handguns in California. AV2358 – Would have required ammunition sales be recorded similar to the way they are in the city of Los Angeles.  That would have meant getting fingerprinted, the quantity, caliber, date and signature being taken at the time of the transaction: this bill would have effectively banned the sale or purchase of ammunition on- line in California. Thankfully these bills did not pass in the whirlwind session tonight.  It is a seriously dizzying display to watch legislators pass bill after bill in quick succession and suspending the rules of the senate so that all the bills can be hastily voted on (often without debate). Hopefully these bills never see the light of day again and are not resubmitted at a later date. WELCOME TO THE POLICE STATE – PLEASE WATCH YOUR STEP The 4th Amendment is not what it use to be. The 9th circuit court thinks that it is perfectly fine for federal agents to come onto your property and plant a GPS device on your vehicle in your driveway without a warrant.  This case is sure to end up in front of the Supreme Court, but it just amazes me that any judge could have such an ill conceived notion of what the 4th Amendment means..   RANDOM OBSERVATIONS FROM THE ADE COMMUNITY America Defense Enterprises